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Whole body Exercise
Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all. Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all.

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What is a whole body exercise?
Regular strength training programs only work the skeletal muscles of the body. Whole body exercise uses a small trampoline, called a rebounder. Rebounding is an advance exercise science in that it is a cellular exercise; all cells will become stronger. This includes all muscles, bones, skin, connective tissue, vital organs, and the muscles of digestion and elimination. How?

The common denominator of all exercise is opposition to gravity. What's more, with rebound exercise, you also utilise two other natural dynamic forces: 
• acceleration
• deceleration 

When your body stops its downward movement at the bottom of the bounce, the force of deceleration is added to the force of gravity. Einstein proved that the  physical body can't distinguish between acceleration, deceleration and gravity. So the body interprets the combined force as an increase in gravity.  

So that's why all the cells have to adjust to what is perceived by them as a more demanding internal environment by becoming individually and collectively stronger.  

Why is rebounding so good for you? Because it is good for your cells. Rebounding is a concentrated form of exercise that affects every cell in your body. Research has shown that physically stretching cells has a profound impact on their  biochemistry and behaviour. Moving and stretching a cell - as rebounding does - helps to supply essential nutrients and to eliminate toxic waste products. When you bounce on a rebounder, your entire body (internal organs, bones, connective tissue, and skin) becomes stronger, more flexible, and healthier. Both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage are vastly improved.

Here are some benefits that can be achieved by rebounding without going to the gym, working up a sweat, or ending up with sore muscles and possible injuries:

Enhances Lymphatic Circulation
- rebound exercise has been found to be the most efficient method of lymphatic circulation stimulation.

Stimulates the Immune System
- the lymphatic system has been called the vacuum cleaning system of the body, the garbage collector of the body, and the immune system. If the lymphatic system is circulating properly, it is practically impossible to get sick.

Provides Cellular Exercise
- rebounding strengthens every cell, muscle, organ, tissue, and tendon in the body. 

Increases Bone Density
- the body interprets acceleration and deceleration as an increase in gravity, every cell is made heavier and is put under more stress. The  entire body is strengthened and bone density increased. 

Improves Cardiovascular Fitness
- Rebound exercise lowers the chances of cardiovascular disease in three ways:  
 •  By strengthening the legs. The legs act as an auxiliary pump for the  cardiovascular system. Strong legs take a lot of strain off the heart  
 •  The heart is strengthened, by increasing the pulse rate. The heart works more efficiently than and can really rest when the body rests.
 •  Rebound exercise strengthens the entire voluntary and involuntary muscular system, plus every tissue and organ in the body. This makes the entire system work more smoothly. 

Dr. James White at the University of California San Diego says that rebounding exercise is, "…the closest thing to the Fountain of Youth that science has discovered," and that rebounding "is effective in improving the symptoms of over 80% of the patients reporting to our rehabilitation lab."

No matter how you feel, it will make you feel better. Rebounding is fun and easy.  It will improve strength, well-being, balance, overall health, and alertness. Rebound exercise puts 3 natural forces to work - Gravity, Acceleration and Deceleration.  Rebounding cleanses your entire system of toxins just like a washing machine cleans your clothing. It strengthens every cell in your body. It will help build  co-ordination and balance and help you feel rejuvenated all over.

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