The Ultimate Universal Remedy

In a small bottle with a dropper mix and shake well:
2 drops of urine and a tablespoon of water.
(Optional ingredient 5 to 30 drops of clear liquor: Vodka, Rum, Gin...)

Apply 5 drops of the mixture under the tongue every 2 hours when sick or anytime you feel that your health is compromised. This is a great alternative for anyone who does not want to use antibiotics.

Prepare this mixture in a small bottle with a dropper and keep it handy in your pocket, purse or at home. It may appear insignificant, however it is a very strong and powerful formula against most diseases. This simple formula has been used against all allergies, for all types of fevers especially for babies and infants. It is effective against the flu, common cold, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis and all other skin problems. 

Virus, bacteria, fungus and parasites do not cause diseases directly, they make you sick by releasing a very toxic substance in the infected area. Just like you can prepare an antidote against venom with a minute sample of it, you can also prepare an antidote against all the toxic substances virus, bacteria, fungus and parasites release into your body using a drop of your own urine. Your urine contains a sample of all toxins produced by all the micro-organisms in your body.

Pus results from un-immunised white cells which died defending an infection. However once you accept and use this powerful and simple formula all white cells become immunised against all known toxins in your body and become extremely effective at fighting all types of diseases, infections and fevers. 

This application is excellent for babies and young children afflicted with any type of fever. A fever is part of the process a baby has to go through to develop antibodies against a new germ. However, chances are that the child's mother was already exposed to the same germ and she has developed antibodies against that microbe already Therefore, if she was to place a couple of drops of this diluted urine formula under the tongue of her child or baby with a fever the fever may disappear once the child does not have to develop the antibodies mom gave him.

By all means get ready to run to the doctor after you apply the universal remedy, however chances are you may not have to go see the doctor after all since in most cases the fever is down before you finish getting dress.