Self Massage

Massage is the most ancient healing art and a powerful healing tool. While there are many massage techniques, self massage is quite simple. There are two main focus areas. These are:

Reflex Point Massage - stimulating parts of the body, through pressure point massage of reflex areas on the hands, feet and ears. These reflex areas are called micro systems. This is an area of the body that is a small, local representation of the whole body. Each individual part of the whole human system has an associated reflex on the ear, hand and foot. Reflex point massage has its effect on a distant part of the body.

Body massage - kneading, stroking, pressure, friction, tapping and gentle holding to specific areas of pain or dysfunction with the intention of having a local effect. Body massage has its effect on the local area that is being massaged.

The Technique
Generally massage is applied directly by thumb pressure or by kneading. It will take a while to build up your strength. Alternate the thumb pressure with applications using bunched or extended fingers, the knuckles, the heel of the hand or a gripping motion where the whole hand applies the force. Alternating the techniques gives your thumbs a chance to gain strength.

Start with light pressure and gradually build. Always feel comfortable with the pressure. Never force your body, or inflict pain.

The best guide for self massage is to find the sore points and work on them. At the area of dysfunction, there are usually several or one main tender or painful points. For example: imagine that you feel a headache coming on. First massage the hands feet and ears all over, looking for the sore points.. If you aren't in a situation in which rubbing the feet and ears is appropriate, then do the hands. Then come back to the sore points and concentrate on them. Then find the most tender points on the head, neck and shoulders by massaging generally. Then come back to the most sore points and concentrate on them.

It is not necessary to know which sore point is related to which body part or function. Just follow the rule of finding the sore points and working on them. Keep it simple.

The current of Life (known as Chetana) is discharged from the body from the right hand. The control point of this current is a one inch circle on the front part of the right arm between the wrist and the elbow.

By giving two minutes treatment i.e. intermittent pressure on the point, the excess discharge of 'Chetana' is controlled. This will enable all to maintain youthfulness for a longer period and delay old age.

This treatment is a MUST for all men and women after the age of 40.

It is interesting to note that regular treatment on this point, even by aged people will greatly benefit them and they will start feeling more energetic, younger and less tired.