The following exercise is a very effective way to relax, access and re-program the subconscious mind, quickly and easily for improved function and positive outcome.

Step 1:
•  Relax comfortably in a chair.
•  Preferably choose a straight backed chair without arms.
•  Loosen all tight clothing.
•  Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.
•  Close your eyes.

Step 2:
This is called the automatic finger signal. It is a way to determine when your subconscious is ready to accept new suggestions.

•  Rest your hands on your thighs, palms down.

•  Become aware of your hands. Feel their weight on your thighs and feel their warmth.  Concentrate on the weight and become as sensitive as possible to a weigh difference. One hand will feel lighter than the other. Notice the subtle difference.

•  Once you are aware of the difference, concentrate on the lighter hand. Notice the lightness. Focus on any feelings that you may notice, heat, tingling, texture of the cloth or skin on which it is resting.

It is important to concentrate on the sensation of lightness. Whatever sensation you feel in the lighter hand, concentrate on that.

•  Bring all of your concentration to the index finger of the lighter hand./ It is now extremely light. Notice all of the other sensations – texture, warmth, tingling, whatever the light hand felt.

• Now think of the heavy hand dropping down so that the other side rises; as though they were two sides of a weighing scale.

The heavy hand is causing the lighter hand to rise.

• You feel the inclination to rise in the light hand’s index finger.  You know that it will rise. In fact you feel it pressing less and less against the leg.

This concentration will actually produce a nerve impulse movement of the finger. It will slowly lift from the leg.

This initial movement of the finger is a signal from the subconscious mind that it is ready to receive instructions.

Step 3:

•  Hold a statement in words or visualize an image of what it is that you choose to experience in your life.


I am a loving, confident and successful person.
I can achieve all of my goals.
Picture yourself in the relationships that fulfill you
Picture yourself doing the work that inspires you.
See yourself driving the car you choose, living in the house that you desire.
When you wish to return, simply breathe deeply and open your eyes.