Self Identity through Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian problem solving process to release memories that show up as problems in our everyday lives.In traditional approaches to problem solving and healing, most people believe that the source of the problem is with everyone and everything outside of us. We tend to believe that if 'they' could get their act together, our problems would be solved.

When we are willing to take 100% responsibility and let go, what is right and perfect unfolds.

The Ho’oponopono process provides “a step by step approach to achieving Peace, Balance and a new meaning of life through an understanding of one’s Self-I-dentity.The word Ho'oponopono means to make right, to rectify an error.

We are the sum total of our experiences, which is to say that we are burdened by our pasts. When we experience stress or fear in our lives, if we would look carefully, we would find that the cause is actually a memory. It is the emotions which are tied to these memories which affect us now. The subconscious associates an action or person in the present with something that happened in the past. When this occurs, emotions are activated and stress is produced.

Ho'oponopono allows us to discover and develop a working relationship with the Divinity within and learn to ask that in each moment, our errors in thought, word, deed or action be cleansed. The process is essentially about freedom, complete freedom from the past.

Every human being has a unique, Divine blueprint. Our most important task is to find that true identity and reveal our rightful place in the Universe. This process allows that understanding to become available.

The purpose of Ho'oponopono is to:
- Connect with the Divinity within on a moment-to-moment basis;
- To ask that movement and all it contains, be cleansed. Only the Divinity can do that.
Only the Divinity can erase or correct memories and thought forms. Since the Divinity created us, only the Divinity knows what is going on with a person.

In this system, there is no need to analyze, solve, manage or cope with problems. Since the Divinity created everything, you can just go directly to Him and ask that it be corrected and cleansed.

In the area of problem solving: the world is a reflection of what is happening inside us. If you are experiencing upset or imbalance, the place to look is inside yourself, not outside at the object you perceive as causing your problem. Every stress, imbalance or illness can be corrected just by working on yourself.

To be an effective problem solver, we must be willing to be 100% responsible for having created the problem situation; that is, you must be willing to see that the source of the problem are erroneous thoughts within yourself, not within another. In problem solving using the Ho'oponopono process, take your I-Dentity, your Mind and connects it up with the Original Source, what others call LOVE or GOD. With the connection in place, appeal to LOVE to correct the erroneous thoughts within yourself that are actualizing as the problem for yourself first and for the other person second. The appeal is a process of repentance and forgiveness on your part … "I am sorry for the erroneous thoughts within me that have caused the problem for me and for this person; please forgive me."

In response to the repentance and forgiveness appeal of the therapist, LOVE begins the mystical process of transmuting the erroneous thoughts. In this spiritual correction process, LOVE first neutralizes the erroneous emotions that have caused the problem, be they resentment, fear, anger, blame or confusion. In the next step, LOVE then releases the neutralized energies from the thoughts leaving them in a state of void, of emptiness of true freedom.

With the thoughts empty, free, LOVE then fills them with Itself. The result? You are renewed, restored in LOVE. As you are renewed so too is the other person and all involved in the problem. Where there was despair in the other, there is LOVE. Where there was darkness in their soul, there is now the healing Light of LOVE.

Through the Self I – Dentity of the Ho'oponopono process, you get to meet yourself anew each moment, and you get to appreciate more and more with each application of the process the renewing miracle of LOVE. The practice of Ho'oponopono is about fully appreciating what another is experiencing and then looking deep within ourselves to recognize that which has created the ‘other’ person and their condition. Once we find our connection, we must then accept the responsibility of clearing that which lies deep within us.

The fundamental question one asks is: "What is going on inside of me that is causing me to experience stress?" The purpose of the process is to identify the internal cause of the stress and to release it.

I operate my life and my relationships according to the following insights:

1. The physical universe is an actualization of my thoughts.
2. If my thoughts are cancerous, they create a cancerous physical reality.
3. If my thoughts are perfect, they create a physical reality brimming with LOVE.
4. I am 100% responsible for creating my physical universe the way it is.
5. I am 100% responsible for correcting the cancerous thoughts that create a diseased reality.
6. There is no such thing as out there. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind.

Ho’oponopono is about taking full responsibility for your life.

Complete responsibility means accepting it all -- even the people who enter your life and their problems; because their problems are your problems. They are in your life, and if you take full responsibility for your life, then you have to take full responsibility for what they are experiencing, too.

To live it is to transform your life as never before. By accepting the idea of 100% responsibility the next question is how to transform yourself so the rest of the world changes, too.

The only sure way is with "I love you". That's the code that unlocks the healing. But you use it on you, not on others. Their problem is your problem, remember, so working on them won't help you. They don't need healing; you do. You have to heal you. You are the source of all the experiences.I'm sorry ... Please forgive me ... I love you ... Thank you
That is the essence of the Ho'oponopono process.
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