Essential Health

The focus of the Heal South Africa Essential Health Programme, is to encourage a return to peace, health and happiness through simple yet proven and effective body-mind-spirit practices; to enable people to recognise the healing power and body wisdom they have within themselves.

In the holistic model, health and well-being are seen as a state of balance and harmony with the free flow of energy throughout the system. With stress and the trauma of life, the natural flow of energy is blocked causing pain, illness, and emotional problems in the person, as well as in the family and the society.

Each person has within, an inherent wisdom of body, mind, and spirit as well as the power to heal and return to balance and well-being.

The following Essential tools and techniques are available through nation-wide workshops and this website, to assist all in returning to and maintaining a natural state of health.

Attitude Balancing
Budwig Diet
Batmanghelidj Water Cure
Breuss Total Cancer Cure Diet
Credo Mutwa's HIV remedy
Diabetes - Cinnamon
Diabetes - Chromium
Emotional Balancing
Gentle Movement
Honey and Cinnamon
Lymphology - the cause of ALL dis-ease
Optimum Nutrition
Rhythmic Breathing
Self Massage of hands and feet
Skin Brushing
Tibetan Rites
Water Cure  
Whole body Exercise
Urine Therapy

Heal South Africa aims to inspire and empower people in the process of healing and transformation by teaching simple and effective practices, which can be easily learned and applied. All that is required is YOUR participation.

Work with the techniques and understandings at your own pace and
according to your own comfort. Suggestions offered may not have a medical background, or verification, and are to be used at your own discretion.

Results vary according to the individual condition and experience. While wonderful results have been experienced, this site is for information purposes only and no claims are made, by Heal South Africa, or any of their associates.

All information is supplied to provide more options. Choice is EMPOWERING!

No technique is intended to replace medical advice. Always notify your Health Care Practitioner of your Self Help program. Get them involved too!

This is a complementary effort to HEAL SOUTH AFRICA.