Attitude Balancing

Stress often gives rise to strong emotions. During the fight-flight reaction in the face of danger or crisis, there is a rush of emotions and feelings pulsing through the body - fear, anger, rage, anxiety, etc. By acting on the wave of emotional energy, passes through us and gets out of our system. We can also deny our feelings and repress them, in which case the energy gets locked in the body-mind-spirit and can manifest later as a migraine, stomach ache, tight jaw, stiff shoulder muscles, or passive-aggressive behaviour. A third way to handle the anger is to acknowledge it and then do something that will release the wave of energy.

The following exercise releases and balances the energy of strong emotions:
Hold each finger for a few minutes, wrapping the opposite hand around the finger. You can do this seated quietly or during the day when you may find yourself experiencing strong emotions. This exercise is effective at night in bed to clear the energy of the day, so that you can sleep soundly. Or use in the morning to start the day clear and centred. The finger holds do not change the situation or the reality. However you are centred, not controlled by emotion, and are able to make clear decisions.

Finger Holds to Balance Emotional Energy
You may do the finger holds with either hand. The theory behind the practice is that through each finger runs a channel or meridian of energy connected with the different organs of the body. By holding each finger you are able to drain and balance the energy flow. As you hold a finger, usually within a minute or two you will feel an energy pulse or throbbing sensation. This indicates that the energy is flowing and balanced, and usually the strong feeling or emotion passes. Many of these finger holds are done naturally without consciousness. Begin to be aware of how you hold your hands and fingers at different times, and how this may relate to your feelings. It is fascinating to observe this in children and adults when they are fearful, anxious, or angry.

The Thumb is for anxiety and nervousness. The thumb can help to discharge unnecessary worry and anxiety, saving energy for action. Breathe deeply holding the Thumb. Exhale, letting go of all worry and anxiety. Inhale a deep sense of peace and security in the midst of life's problems, knowing that you are held and cared for in spirit.

Index Finger
The Index Finger is for fear. With traumatic stress a person may continually feel fear or panic in their body-mind-spirit. Use of the index finger is a good way to learn how to work with fear, rather than be a victim in the grip of fear. While holding the index finger, exhale and let go of fear, and inhale courage and strength of being.

Middle Finger
The Middle Finger is for anger and rage. Anger is a natural and normal emotion in many situations. Anger can result in violence toward others or ourselves. Acting with non-violence means that we recognise the injustice and anger in a situation, and we choose instead to act with justice and peace. Repressed anger, or denial of our own depths of anger can result in passive-aggressive behaviour or in many physical symptoms in the body, including arthritis, ulcers, migraines, and knots in the shoulder muscles or other parts of the body. Hold the Middle Finger, exhale and let go of all anger and rage, inhaling compassion, energy, and passion into your being.

Ring Finger
The Ring Finger is for tears, grief, and emotional pain. The finger hold does not repress tears or sorrow, but allows the energy to move through you until you feel calm. Hold the ring finger, breathe deeply and exhale all the grief and sorrow you feel. Breathe in deeply to fill yourself with peace and comfort. Hold until you feel a pulsation of energy.

Small Finger
The Small Finger is for self-esteem when feeling like a victim of circumstances. In these situations we often try too hard, or pretend to be what we're not. Holding the small finger is a way to take control of feelings of unworthiness and low self-esteem. To let go of being a victim, it is important first to recognize what one gets out of being a victim - attention, pity, others concern. Hold the Small Finger, breathe deeply, exhaling and letting go of insecurity and unworthiness. Breathe in gratitude and appreciation for the gift of life.