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Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all. Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all.

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Oxygen Therapy
Deep Breathing Exercise, Ozone Therapy & Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
Oxygen therapy is one of the cheapest, most readily accessible cleansing, detoxifying, and healing treatments available. When is the last time you thought of oxygen as a miracle cleanser? Maybe when you added an oxygen cleanser to your laundry, instead of chemical bleach, to clean bleach sensitive clothing? Similarly, you can learn to use oxygen to achieve whole body detox and cleansing.

What is oxygen therapy?
Oxygen is one of nature’s most powerful cleansers, in addition to its vital role in sustaining all kinds of life. The reason it is such a powerful cleanser and detoxifier is that it chemically reacts with almost every element. In the process of such reactions, it transforms the element it reacts with. The goal of oxygen therapy is to target oxygen to react with bacteria, viruses, toxins and other undesirable compounds to help cleanse and detoxify the body.

How can I administer oxygen therapy?
There are basically three forms of oxygen available to individuals for cleansing, detoxifying and healing. They are free oxygen, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. Each can be applied to detox the whole body. While an oxygen tent is the most recognizable form of administering oxygen therapy, deep breathing exercise, ozone therapy and hydrogen peroxide therapy are simpler, more accessible ways to use oxygen to cleanse and detoxify your body.

Deep Breathing Exercise
Free oxygen is the oxygen in the air we breathe. This is the form of oxygen that we need for respiration and metabolism. We can increase the amount of free oxygen we get by simply breathing clean air and practicing deep breathing exercises. Here is a simple guide that a yoga instructor put together on a deep breathing exercise. Deep breathing gets much needed oxygen to all parts of your body. It is a very convenient therapy that you can do at home, in the office, or anywhere you have a moment to yourself.

Deep Breathing Exercises

Oxygen TherapySA for Super Oxygen supplements

Ozone Therapy
Ozone, another form of oxygen, is normally formed in the upper atmosphere. While free oxygen is formed as a pair of oxygen atoms, ozone is formed with three oxygen atoms bonded together. The extra oxygen atom is highly reactive and will readily react with chemical pollutants, toxins, bacteria and viruses, rendering them harmless. One of the byproducts of this ozone reaction is free oxygen. Ozone is up to 5,000 times more effective than chlorine bleach at disinfecting. That having been said, ozone is not something to be used lightly, as it is so highly reactive.

There are two common ways to administer ozone therapy. First, you can purchase commercially available ozone generators to help purify the air that you breathe in your home or your office. These generators create a small amount of ozone, which reacts with pollutants in the air, resulting in pure free oxygen. Try practicing your deep breathing exercise near an ozone generator and see if you can feel a difference.

The other method is particularly relaxing, as it is combined with hyperthermia, in a spa or hot tub. Many spas contain ozone generators to purify the water, instead of using chlorine. The result is not only pure, clean water, but water that is rich in oxygen. You can administer oxygen therapy by immersing yourself in this water. This will expose your entire body to a safe form of oxygen.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
Hydrogen peroxide is water with an extra oxygen molecule bonded to it. It has similar properties to ozone because it is reactive for the same reasons – the extra oxygen atom readily reacts with pollutants, bacteria, viruses and toxins. Hydrogen peroxide therapy is widely used for therapeutic purposes because it is easily available. Did you ever use hydrogen peroxide to clean a wound before applying a bandage or to dissolve wax in your ears before cleansing them with water? Well, now learn to use hydrogen peroxide therapy for whole body detoxification and cleansing.

Keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide is also a dangerous chemical agent – when used in sufficient concentration, it can burn your skin. Therefore, you should be sure to sufficiently dilute hydrogen peroxide before using it either externally or internally.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Hydrogen Peroxide Cancer Treatment

To purchase 35% food grade Hydrogen Peroxide in South Africa

Recommended reading: The One Minute Cure

The One-Minute Cure reveals a remarkable, scientifically proven natural therapy that creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive, thus enabilng the body to cure itself of disease. Over 6,100 articles in European scientific literature have attested to the effectiveness of this safe, inexpensive and powerful healing modality, and has been administered by an estimated 15,000 European doctors, naturopaths and homeopaths to more than 10 million patients in the past 70 years to successfully treat practically every known disease -- including but not limited to cancer, AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease. hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, herpes, Rheumatoid Arthritis and asthma. 




Flood Your Body with Oxygen 

This book honestly examines all the Oxygen Therapies and every issue surrounding their origin, their history, and their use. It includes a wealth of testimonials and available medical references and examines the therapies and their use in detail. The book is divided into three sections: Part 1: Problems - Polluted environments and mass-produced foods have lowered our cellular and fluid oxygen levels. This lets toxins and anaerobic bacteria, viruses, fungi and pathogens colonise inside us. Anaerobes are the cause of most human, animal, and plant health problems as well as the 'incurable' diseases. Part 2: Solutions - proven, safe and effective techniques not taught in our medical schools. These little known techniques have been used safely and effectively on the international scene daily by thousands of doctors to surround microbes and cancer cells with active forms of oxygen that they can't live in. The body then flushes them out. Part 3: Evidence - historical and modern proof of active oxygen's effectiveness, its 50-year prolific use internationally and the top quality documentation proving its safety. 

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