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Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all. Heal South Africa - A project dedicated to uniting & empowering the people of South Africa, with the goal of peace, happiness and health for all.

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Gerson Therapy Protocol

Dietary Healing in Cancer and Chronic Degenerative Disease
The main thrust of a dietary healing program is to restore intracellular potassium and oxidative metabolism within the cell. When tissues lose their oxidative capacity or have been subject to infectious, chemical or physical insult trauma, we see a build-up of acidity and a loss of intracellular potassium. Sodium, water and toxins enter the cells - commonly termed the "Tissue Damage Syndrome" – and as sodium is a potent enzyme inhibitor it will contribute to the rising acidity.

Under these circumstances oxygen will not be able to enter the cell and the cell will fall into fermentation. This heralds the onset of disease. Dietary healing protocols based on high vegetable/low protein regimes have been used throughout the centuries to promote healing. They not only reduce the daily burden, but their alkaline contribution counteracts acidity and stimulates the cellular uptake of potassium. Once this occurs oxidation is re-established and sodium along with toxicity and excess water is drained from the tissues. Then the healing commences.

Increasing Cellular Oxidation
Although there has been plenty of observational evidence of the healing potential of such diets, it was not until the second half of the 20th century that we have been able to scientifically prove this. With the development of NMRI (nuclear magnetic resonance imaging) we can now measure the electrical state of the cell. In the early 1960s, Gilbert Ling (biophysicist - won the Boxer award in Biology 1940, invented the intracellular micro-electrode, head of molecular biology Lab of Pennsylvania hospital in Philadelphia) advanced his “Association-Induction” theory. He identified the cell as being a solid-state electronic device.

He maintained that when potassium was present and bound at specific sites within the cell, an electrical field was generated which caused a structuring of water and an expulsion of sodium and toxins from the cell. This model was tested and proved by Damadian (Presidential medal of honour for science and discovery in NMRI) and Freeman Cope MD (Chief of Biochemistry of the Naval Air Development Centre, Pennsylvania, USA), who showed that this structuring did indeed exist, and that bombarding cells with large amounts of potassium encouraged its uptake, led to the recovery of its electrical state and hence the restoration of cellular oxidation and energy production. It is now recognised that any toxic insult, trauma or oxygen deprivation to the tissues causes the tissue damage syndrome where potassium is lost and sodium and water gain entry. It is critical that this process is reversed to restore the function of the tissues.

On a dietary healing program it is often necessary to add additional potassium to the already high potassium diet. The specific blend of potassium salts not only increases the hourly bombardment of potassium to the cells but contributes to the alkaline reserves within the cells. It is the rising alkalinity which neutralizes the acidity and draws oxygen into the cell. An acidic cell will repel oxygen. In addition to application of the potassium compound, we may need to further increase the free energy and oxidizing capacity of the cell. Invariably patients with chronic degenerative disease have low thyroid function and therefore glandular thyroid and Lugol’s ½ strength solution may be applied. These products increase energy production by signaling cellular mitochondria to replicate and increase cellular oxidation of sugar to generate ATP. CoQ10 may also be recommended to enhance oxidative capacity.

Protein restriction
Studies conducted since the 1950s and to the current day, have repeatedly shown that calorie and protein restricted diets cause a regression of tumours and remission of auto-immune disease. It has been observed since the 1930's that protein restriction enhances the T cell count of the immune system and hence immunity specifically against tumour tissue. More recently the work of Dr. Robert Good (the most published pathologist in Western medical literature) noticed that malnourished children, deficient in protein and calories, had a disturbed immune profile. Subsequent studies on animals showed that protein and calorie restriction in animals produced increased T cell activity and depressed B cell activity. Specifically, mice genetically predisposed to developing mammary tumours, on a protein and calorie restricted diet did not go on to develop tumours and even if the cancer was allowed to develop it could be regressed by initiating protein and calorie restriction. This obviously has very important ramifications for both enhancing the immune system in cancer and subduing its effects in auto-immune disease.

Protein restriction has a synergistic effect on the elimination of sodium and toxins from the body. Protein yields strong acids which are only slowly removed from the body, being buffered by the cells for around 7 days. Elimination of these the acids via the kidneys occurs in exchange for sodium. So if dietary protein remains above an acceptable level for healing, then sodium is retained and healing will not occur. Additionally, tumours do not handle protein well. They do not metabolise protein, instead producing toxins from the protein that seep into the surrounding environment causing local trauma (toxicity) to the adjacent healthy tissue. The oedema increases around the tumour "protecting" it from the immune system and the adjacent tissue becomes susceptible to invasion/metastases.

Fat restriction
Fat is restricted, particularly on the cancer program. Fat feeds tumours, and even low fat products can mad tumours reappear. However, limited amounts of flaxseed oil are allowed.

Pancreatic enzymes
Pancreatic enzymes not only assist the digestion (imperative on a nutritional therapy) but are known to debaulk tumour tissue within the system. The living enzymes in the raw juices also contribute to this.

Toxicity and the coffee enema
On any detoxification protocol serum toxicity will be increased. Added to this, the patient with a chronic disease or cancer, may be unable to effectively deal with the waves of toxicity as liver capacity is invariably impaired. It is therefore critical that the liver is supported at regular intervals, and the coffee enema is routinely recommended. Patients can worsen if adequate steps are not taken to support the liver and the liver may become more damaged. This is particularly pertinent nowadays when treating patients who have either undergone chemotherapy or been exposed to environmental chemicals, as the toxic effects of releasing these can be quite dangerous if the liver is pushed too hard. Medications and the pace of the therapy is monitored closely to take this into account.

Research on the coffee enema dates back to the 1930s when it was beginning to be routinely applied for pain management. Experiments undertaken by Heubner and Meyer at the Gottenberg university, on the rectal administration of caffeine in animals showed that it caused the dilatation of bile ducts and an increased flow of bile for elimination. In 1970s and 80s further research by Wattenberg identified in mice experiments that the palmitates extracted from coffee increased the glutathione S transferase system - an enzyme system responsible for detoxifying carcinogens and free-radicals in the liver and small intestine. Its activity was increased 600% in the liver and 700% in the small intestine. This is critical for the removal of serum toxins and to facilitate the removal of toxic cancer breakdown products (ammonia, toxic bound nitrogen - protein derivatives). In addition Dr. Peter Lechner (Graz, Austria) has undertaken a 6 year program on post-operative patients suffering with liver metastasised colorectal cancer with positive results with coffee enemas.
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• Caffeine, theobromine and theophylline dilate bile ducts and causes increased bile flow (also counteract inflammation in the gut). Choleretic.
• Palmitates increase glutathione S transferase. This increases the conjugation of toxic elements and delivery to the bile for elimination. Essential in detoxifying. Bile is normally reabsorbed 9-10 times before making its way out via the colon. However, the enzyme enhancing ability of the coffee in the liver and small intestine does not allow re-absorption of the toxic bile. Most cholerectic agents do not ensure removal of toxins - only increase the bile flow.
• The litre of fluid dilutes the portal blood and the bile and causes a flushing of toxic bile. It also encourages a peristalsis which ensures the transit of toxic bile from the duodenum to the outside.
• 15 mins retention - ensures the cleansing of the blood five times. The whole blood volume passes through the liver every 3 minutes.

Generally speaking, the greater the toxicity and during periods of flare-up or when the body is reabsorbing malignancies (necrotic tissue in the blood stream), then you need to apply frequent enemas to enable the body to clear the toxicity. It relieves pain (90% of patients), depression, confusion and nervous tension. Pain is often caused by circulating toxins irritating the nervous system. These toxins can also set up an inflammatory response.

Patients who have not undergone chemotherapy are also required to take a castor oil treatment (castor oil by mouth and by enema) as this has an even stronger releasing effect of toxicity from the liver.

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The Gerson Therapy (audio version)


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